Spring firing

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We our firing the kiln this weekend! A much anticipated firing for many, including myself. I have a great crew lined up from friends to family and I can’t forget Montana my pup dog. I have to say it seems a little odd not having my recently deceased dog Madison around trying to eat hot coals out of the mouse holes of the kiln. I’ll be up until Sunday night. Stop in during the day if you are out and about. The kiln is certainly a theatrical play of sorts with all of its various parts from start to finish. Special thanks goes out to all of my helpers!


An old print block

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Studio update and Strawberry Point Iowa

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pot glazeThe studio update is that things are rolling along. I have most of the work glazed now, under plastic to keep the dust off and this time around I am also wadding a lot of the work before hand to ease in the day to two days of loading the kiln. The wadding is a 50/50 mix of sand and fireclay with sawdust to taste. Today I am throwing some last minute yunomi style cups for the very back of the kiln and experimenting with low temp glazes fire higher than they would normally go. pots Also, here is a preliminary sketch for a mural project going up at the Strawberry Point library.strawb lib muralLast week included teaching a class in cooking at Starmont High School where class time is really short compared to teaching my 2 1/2 hour college classes.cooking classand finally I recently planed some rough cut black walnut to replace some missing boards on one of my father’s old wood working benches. I am really looking forward to putting the old table to use in the studio. fathers workbenchThat is just a few things going on with the studio. Hope everyone is well, cheers!

Kiln prep

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Here is a necessary step in the preparation of the kiln for the next firing. All of the kiln hardware, stilts and shelves must be cleaned and often ground to remove the previous firings accumulation of fluxed ash deposits and such. The following step is to re-coat the ends of the stilts/soaps/bricks and the top of the shelves with kiln wash, a 50/50 mix of aluminum hydrate and kaolin which aids in protecting the hardware from fusing together. Still a few last minute commissioned pieces to make and it will be on to glazing….brick

Faculty Exhibit

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Opening today, go check it out I just dropped off some drawings for the show….

Studio update

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studio updateIt has been a while since the last firing and an update for that matter. I need to keep you more informed I know, I just get busy. I have been making work to fill the kiln and I am just about ready to fire. I need to finish a few more commissioned pieces, glaze and ready things for the load. I can almost smell the smoke! Lately I have focused on what I might call my round pots. They are coming out of kitchen so to speak. I cook a lot and the process of making food, presenting food (including flower vases for the table) and translating the importance to my family has driven me to think about the work in a direct light associated with my food habits. This is certainly where cooking from various ethnic sources demands various types of pots.

blog cups Also, back by popular demand is a small wine/juice cup and as the pots are coming to a finish just before the firing, stop in the gallery. I still have some really nice pieces unspoken for. You could even reserve a piece in the studio for the upcoming firing, if it is not already sold. Thanks for your support!

Happy New Year

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A couple stopped in the gallery the other day and asked if I made the sculptures, pots and the drawings……I replied that I had and they said with a bit of surprise “wow you are a real artist”. Most often I just head to the studio to make things, I never really think about the fact I became an artist. Every year is a busy year at the studio, tasks build up with making and designing, glazing,firing as well as the general grounds and building maintenance. We are doing our best to juggle all aspects of life and stay true to the making of the work that I enjoy creating. The new studio/gallery has been open for several years now and this time around I have a daughter in the mix. She is three right now so I spend as much time with her as I can involving her with all aspects of the studio. If you see the gallery closed on a nice summer day, chances are it was a good day to head to the park and share time with my little girl. Last year was great and new pots are always being made and added to the gallery so stop in and see us…..if we are not at the park. Happy New Year everyone and thank you for your support!