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Car show at the studio! Oct. 1st

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We are having a vintage car show Oct. 1st. This is a first time for the studio and of course we will be selling pots in the gallery, Memphis will be selling her pumpkins and we will have food, music, a photographer and great cars! Join us in all the fun and various aspects the studio offers. Looking forward to meeting new people and old friends.


Studio update

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studio updateIt has been a while since the last firing and an update for that matter. I need to keep you more informed I know, I just get busy. I have been making work to fill the kiln and I am just about ready to fire. I need to finish a few more commissioned pieces, glaze and ready things for the load. I can almost smell the smoke! Lately I have focused on what I might call my round pots. They are coming out of kitchen so to speak. I cook a lot and the process of making food, presenting food (including flower vases for the table) and translating the importance to my family has driven me to think about the work in a direct light associated with my food habits. This is certainly where cooking from various ethnic sources demands various types of pots.

blog cups Also, back by popular demand is a small wine/juice cup and as the pots are coming to a finish just before the firing, stop in the gallery. I still have some really nice pieces unspoken for. You could even reserve a piece in the studio for the upcoming firing, if it is not already sold. Thanks for your support!

Playdate exhibition

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If you are in the Cedar Rapids area stop in the Ceramic Center for an exhibition I have work in. Opening reception is this Friday May 9th 5-7pm. The Center is located in the Cherry Building- 329 10th Ave. Suite 117 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401



Video on Knox Studios, 2 Upper Iowa University

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Studio update

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qwwqSo the next wave of work is starting to commence, clay is mixed and pugged, commissions are coming in and it is time to get back to making art………………………The Upper Iowa exhibit of my newest work is still going until February 20th so go check it out, get your Valentine a nice handmade gift! If you are not in the area you can still view the show at this link

The picture above is the start of new hunting bag, a southern style which is made of vintage bed ticking, canvas lined and will have a leather strap, flap, and the plan is to have an appropriate period powder horn to go with it. This is just one of those things I like to make in the winter hours, not because I have extra time just an area of interest, the longhunter of the 18th Century and shooting those old smoke poles.

Life around the studio # 1

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Life around the studio

I believe I will start a blog section of studio activities as “Life around the studio” I see this as a blog associated with the daily activities of life around the studio, the people, the friends, the building of and the idiosyncratic ways of keeping an artistic mind at peace.  I see this as a means to establish a base for the outside thoughts of a space and its workings, the actual art is something separate or at least the serious thought on the art being made in the space does not directly relate to these writings although they may at times. This is merely an internet connect with the life of an artist.

Change is good

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There are certain simple norms that people have, dinner at 5, coffee in the morning and so forth. One of my norms that I truly enjoy has just come back to me. That norm is driving Tin Lizzy a 1923 Model T Ford Touring Car. About the time I move to Iowa my life was turned upside down. I had lost one of my best friends, my Father died of sudden cancer. A year later I divorced my wife, losing another friend and I closed my studio of ten years. Two years later I remarried and started all over, a new studio, a new wife and we are now bringing in a new life into this world.

A few years back I told a friend I wanted to change things up, and change it up I did! So since I rearranged items in my life norms for me are just now coming back. I welcome these norms like driving my antique auto, playing with my two pup dogs and this winter I am looking forward to tying flies for fly fishing. I also welcome spontaneity and change, it something I need and I am looking forward to taking my son or daughter for a ride in the Model T.