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Faculty Exhibit Winona State University

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On View in the Watkins Gallery through December 9th at Winona State University. Here is a portion of the work entitled cynosures. There will be an artist talk and reception Wednesday, November 30th from 4-6pm. Hope to see you there! target


Open Studio

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Hey come check out the new work in our gallery and get some early Holiday shopping done!

We will have our studio and gallery open 10 am to 5 pm for the North East Iowa Artists’ Tour………. Oct. 12th-14th Friday, Saturday and Sunday….Stop in and see what has been going on in the studio….

Life around the studio # 1

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Life around the studio

I believe I will start a blog section of studio activities as “Life around the studio” I see this as a blog associated with the daily activities of life around the studio, the people, the friends, the building of and the idiosyncratic ways of keeping an artistic mind at peace.  I see this as a means to establish a base for the outside thoughts of a space and its workings, the actual art is something separate or at least the serious thought on the art being made in the space does not directly relate to these writings although they may at times. This is merely an internet connect with the life of an artist.

Change is good

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There are certain simple norms that people have, dinner at 5, coffee in the morning and so forth. One of my norms that I truly enjoy has just come back to me. That norm is driving Tin Lizzy a 1923 Model T Ford Touring Car. About the time I move to Iowa my life was turned upside down. I had lost one of my best friends, my Father died of sudden cancer. A year later I divorced my wife, losing another friend and I closed my studio of ten years. Two years later I remarried and started all over, a new studio, a new wife and we are now bringing in a new life into this world.

A few years back I told a friend I wanted to change things up, and change it up I did! So since I rearranged items in my life norms for me are just now coming back. I welcome these norms like driving my antique auto, playing with my two pup dogs and this winter I am looking forward to tying flies for fly fishing. I also welcome spontaneity and change, it something I need and I am looking forward to taking my son or daughter for a ride in the Model T.

robots again

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I first saw images of the Sci-Fi series Lost in Space while sitting in the closet of my room as a child. Where is this going you ask? My parents had random boxes of stuff stored there and of course I could not resist checking out what was in each box. One box contained a handheld view master with a selection of disks that I would hold up to the light and try to figure out, what exactly I was looking at. The images had a 3-D quality with real people included with robots and at the time I had no idea it was a television show! Outer space has fascinated me in many different forms some including cult movies posters, pulp art, and tin toys.  I am currently revisiting those interests in robots and how they can simply be fun and yet have humanistic overtones. I am working these ideas into my ceramics and naturally the drawings follow.

Another ride home from camping in Minnesota

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Open windows, thoughts come in and thoughts go out. Which room lies behind the framed glass, the master bedroom, the children’s room or was it the occasional guest room. The furniture in the home, when did it feel complete, every room with a particular look, blinds and drapes and floors were they natural wood and what scares of the past do they still reveal. What happened to the occupants was it merely old age that crepe into the bones of the inhabitants and later into the walls of the house or is there an intriguing story line?  I will leave it for the passerby to fill in the blanks, at least those that take notice since there is no bronze plaque attached to a rock in front of this testimonial. This house lies on a Northeastern Iowa roadside.

Bruce Howdle Visit

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My long time friend and ceramic artist Bruce Howdle is coming to Iowa for a week-long workshop to be held starting Tuesday the 11th at Starmont High School. His studio is in Mineral Point, WI where he completely restored an 1850’s downtown building from ground up to the third floor! I like the old stuff, rusty dusty and dirty and then restore it and so does Bruce so we hit it off rather well and we always enjoy the salvage/restoration/collector topic. So, if you are interested…. stop in at our home for an Open House, Wednesday, May 12th from 5 to 7pm Manchester, Iowa… meet the artist, and enjoy the art collection, etc etc…. You can contact me for directions and more information. Hope to see there!