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Car show at the studio! Oct. 1st

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We are having a vintage car show Oct. 1st. This is a first time for the studio and of course we will be selling pots in the gallery, Memphis will be selling her pumpkins and we will have food, music, a photographer and great cars! Join us in all the fun and various aspects the studio offers. Looking forward to meeting new people and old friends.


Studio update

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studio updateIt has been a while since the last firing and an update for that matter. I need to keep you more informed I know, I just get busy. I have been making work to fill the kiln and I am just about ready to fire. I need to finish a few more commissioned pieces, glaze and ready things for the load. I can almost smell the smoke! Lately I have focused on what I might call my round pots. They are coming out of kitchen so to speak. I cook a lot and the process of making food, presenting food (including flower vases for the table) and translating the importance to my family has driven me to think about the work in a direct light associated with my food habits. This is certainly where cooking from various ethnic sources demands various types of pots.

blog cups Also, back by popular demand is a small wine/juice cup and as the pots are coming to a finish just before the firing, stop in the gallery. I still have some really nice pieces unspoken for. You could even reserve a piece in the studio for the upcoming firing, if it is not already sold. Thanks for your support!

Commisioned works in progress

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Video on Knox Studios, 2 Upper Iowa University

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Lidded Jar

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Lidded Jar

A look at one of over 70 pieces headed to Upper Iowa University on Saturday

Studio Update

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FacultyShowPostcard_Backa (2)Poster Event (4)pots

As always our summer was demanding, Mandy was in Spain, taught summer classes at Coe College and then went off to Mason City, Iowa to study architecture….I was off to teach summer session ceramics and our daughter Memphis keeps on growing.

I want to update people and I want to thank our customers for your return visits and purchases and thanks to those of you being patient with commissioned work. We need your support do keep stopping in the gallery and see what new activities are going on.

I have multiple items on the list right now: a faculty show opening next week, I am demonstrating Saturday September 14th at the EWALU Stone Retreat in Strawberry Point, Iowa from 9:00 am to noon, I am in an exhibit at the Pump House in October, our holiday sale in December and January at Upper Iowa University I am having a solo exhibit. I am also working on a few handmade and scrimshawed powder horns, notice the picture.

So I am looking forward to a couple firings in the wood kiln before January. January sounds cold and currently there is a heat advisory of 100 degrees so it sounds like a good day to start cutting wood for the fall firings!Image

Winter agenda at the studio:

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Where are the pots going? Here is one aspect that I am addressing right now. The ideas behind the work continue and as those of you that have known me I have been in pursuit of sculptural flower vases based in part on my observations of the Midwest landscape. I have lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota and now Iowa each producing a very different yet similar atmosphere. The image shown here is the start of what I am currently working on. These are broken down images……sketches I have done of the outbuildings found clustered about the Iowa landscape. Each piece is a positive for a press mould. This will allow for a type of simple plaster mould to be made so that I can handbuild individual pieces resulting in a type of sculptural approach to the flower vase. I will add more images and thoughts as the work progresses.